Trailer: Doctor Strange

Last night Marvel unveiled the first trailer for Doctor Strange as a part of the publicity train for Captain America: Civil War. Due out in November, Doctor Strange will be the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and possibly its strangest yet. The trailer gives just a brief look at the “Sorcerer Supreme”, a former surgeon who lost the ability to do his job after his hands were injured in a car crash. We get some glimpses of the crash and its aftermath as the trailer juxtaposes the pre-crash Strange, a man at the height of his life, with the scruffy shell of a man he became afterwards. But Doctor Strange is really all about that man’s journey to find a new way to help people through the use of magic. Honestly, while I’m very excited for Doctor Strange, I feel like this film is going to be a hard sell as far as the general public is concerned. It’s just so different, far more than Guardians of the Galaxy, and the idea of magic mixing with the world of Iron Man is going to require some convincing. It already looks like it’ll be a trippy film, with visuals that recall the world-bending effects of Inception, a film which I thought was interesting to look at but emotionally hollow (like most of Christopher Nolan’s work). Hopefully Marvel can find a way to make Strange’s story as compelling as those of its other heroes. For now, I’m just happy to see Tilda Swinton get so much screen time and can’t wait to learn more about Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character. But what do you think? Take a look at the trailer below and then tell me your thoughts in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Trailer: Doctor Strange

    • I have a bit of Cumberbatch fatigue myself, because I feel like he’s in everything, but there’s no doubt he’s a great actor. He was fantastic in The Imitation Game. I’m not sure how well his acting style will fit with the Avengers, but I’ll wait and see. I’m definitely excited to see more!

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      • I think there are some roles Cumberbatch is perfect in and then there are the others… When he was announced as a Marvel hero I did not think it would be good but yet again a trailer has turned me around.

        Swinton is always great so that is a plus as well. I hope she is in more than just a couple of scenes.

        I do not know much about Doctor Strange, but I got the feeling from an interview with Kevin Feige some time ago that the “magic” of Strange would somehow be connected to the “quantum” of Ant-man’s Pym particle. I may have misread that, but I wonder which would be best? Marvel Magic or Marvel Quantum Tech?

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        • Yeah I agree, he definitely didn’t fit in with my vision of a Marvel hero when announced, but the trailer has me excited. I know almost nothing about Strange from the comics, so I won’t go into it with any preconceptions. Now that you mention it, I seem to recall the interview you referenced. I don’t need them to do a lot of work tying the magic into the MCU as long as they seem to have given it some thought. After all, there’s no real scientific reason for the Maximoff twins in Age of Ultron.

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