8 thoughts on “Tonight’s Movie: The King and I

  1. I really do not understand why people enjoy this as theatre or a movie.

    a Dictator learns he has a minor nation and dies – leaving a nation to his child to operate

    still. it is a powerful idea – a nanny taking out a king.


      • I’ve seen this movie in the last 2 years, my Mom was crazy about Yule Brenner and drove from Vancovuer to Seattle to see him in the last tour performance and sadly got the understudy. .a coupla weeks later, the tv commerical he filmed about not smoking aired on broadcast tv. : – and I understand what the components of the musical ar, R&H, Cole Porter and others were master technitions of their genre, and knew how to balance senitiment with comedies of manners and at the edge of culture clashes to represent and symobilize the Eternal White Man’s Burden, as the fashion of the Antiquarian Age. Where science and technology quietly began to replace religion.


  2. Reblogged this on Nina's Soap Bubble Box and commented:
    We do not differ in the scope and magnitude of appreciation on the art form, it’s just the first time we’ve had a differing opinion. It’s charms did not overcome the White Woman civilizing the Savage Barbarian bodice ripper, pulp novel, dime store, penny dreadful art form roots…… the only difference between the masses, upper and lower classes is in the finery and finest of the drinkware on show, the cost of putting actual asses in seats was the nicer balconies above the dust and smell of the penny standing room only on the floor level, mosh pit.

    there is a difference between a masterpeice that stands the test of time and a pedestrian competent application of formula.

    Mind you, as a lesbian, watching extreme heterosexuality is tedious, so not really in the audience of a Testosterone vs Estrogen, feathers vs hats, when the hats always win


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