Quote of the Day


Jayne: Oh, I’m not gonna kill you, Dobson — what’s your first name?

Dobson: Laurence.

Jayne: Laurence. No, I’m just gonna cut on ya’ ’til you tell me how much they know.

Dobson: They know everything. They know every name, every record — they know how many nose hairs you’ve got.

Jayne: (Disappointed) Ah, see — they don’t know a damn thing. It’s all over your face, I ain’t even… I was gonna get me a ear, too. Aren’t you an officer of the law? Well, don’t they teach you how to withstand interrogation? Can’t even tell a damn lie.

Dobson: Okay. I can see you’re not an idiot.

Jayne: Wish I could say the same, Laurence, but… this is disappointing as hell.

Firefly – Episode 1 – “Serenity”

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