Quote of the Day

She spoke little, in company or out, but she was capable of a sudden dart of sharpness, of a remark that showed much more intelligence and reflection than would have been expected from her rudimentary education and her very quiet provincial life. These remarks had a much greater force, coming from an amiable, pliant, and as it were sleepy reserve, and before now they had startled men who did not know her well — men who had been praying away happily with the conscious superiority of their sex. They dimly grasped an underlying strength, and they connected it with her occasional expression of secret amusement, the relish of something that she did not choose to share. 

Post Captain – Patrick O’Brian

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

    • Absolutely! All 20 books in the series are (this is the 2nd). He has a wonderful way with language, both when describing nature or ship battles and when it comes to people and their inner workings.

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