6 thoughts on “Today’s Movie: Tomorrowland

  1. A reviewer on NPR said of it basically what I felt: that I am so DONE with the Apocalypse, and this film pokes a very sharp fencing foil into our love of the Apocalypse, as seen in our latest films, books etc ad nauseum. Early in the film, Our Hero is in class after class in which teachers drone on about Our Impending Doom. She shoots up a hand like Hermione in Harry Potter… ignored, until finally, in the last minute and a half of the last class a teacher points at her. Her question: “So how are we gonna fix it?”

    That is the core of the film: optimism vs pessimism, the Apocalyptic tales of all cultures are a warning, but don’t dwell on it, dwell on how you’re gonna fix it.

    George Clooney … I forgot how much I enjoy George Clooney… is the once optimistic inventor geek kid now soured, disillusioned and living in a fortified hermitage.

    Two great girl characters here, and terrific actresses.

    I loved the opening bits at the New York World’s Fair of 19whatevertheheck year that was… because I was there, grumbling in a fluffy dress my mom insisted I wear. I rode that “It’s a small world” ride, although our boat didn’t lead us to a secret door.

    Swell movie, makes its point in a not too subtle way, but then, we’re so immersed in the Apocalypse, we need a not-subtle smack upside the head to wake us up.

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