Just a quick SHIELD-related update

Hi everyone! My regular readers (yes I know who you are, yes I appreciate you more than I have the words to express) will have noticed that I didn’t post a recap/reaction to last week’s Agents of SHIELD, and this post isn’t one for this week’s episode.  Honestly, I’ve just been too busy to post much of anything lately, and as such you haven’t seen new reviews, trailers, or any other articles in the past few weeks.  I still haven’t finished my review of Insurgent.  However, this isn’t going to last, and I’ll be back to posting more regularly soon.

That having been said, I still don’t know when I’ll post my reactions to these last two SHIELD episodes, both of which I felt were awesome, because I’m also going on vacation next week.  I’m hoping to get the recaps for these two episodes up before I go, but I might end up working on them on the plane, or they might just wait until I get back.  I’d hate for them to wait, because then I’ll have four weeks of recaps to do, and the more things pile up the less likely I am to get them done.

So I apologize for things being slow this month, but it’s only temporary, and I expect to catch up and get back to more regular updates in the next few weeks.  I really appreciate your patience, and I love hearing from you on any topic at all.  There’s so much to discuss for SHIELD, with Skye’s developments, the overthrow of Coulson’s SHIELD, and an absolutely spectacular surprise character return tonight which caused me to lose all control of my note taking as things became excited scribbles.

But I have plenty of other things I want to post, including many recent trailers (TomorrowlandAge of UltronAnt Man), and there are some great movies coming out in the next few months.  Summer is always busy when it comes to movies and blogging, so expect lots from me this summer.  Feel free to harass me, badger me, and give me loads of crap for being a bit overwhelmed, but I hope you’ll hang with me through this until I can get things back on track.  In the meantime, the daily quotes will of course continue, and I might post some vacation pictures or video as well.  You can always reach me by commenting on an article, submitting private feedback via the feedback page, or on Tumblr or Twitter.  If all goes according to plan, look for two SHIELD recaps/reactions in the next few days (possibly posted together), as well as an Insurgent review.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading, and for making this crazy endeavor worth doing.  You guys make this so special for me.  Keep watching SHIELD, and if you can’t wait to vent/rant/celebrate things I haven’t yet posted about, go ahead and lay it all out below!

1 thought on “Just a quick SHIELD-related update

  1. Hey, I’m all for that. I surprisingly find it even harder to write recaps when huge things happen because my mind’s still trying to process what’s happen, and boy did things happen in these last 2 episodes. I’m still trying to pick which one was more exciting.

    Obvious start: MIKE PETERSON IS BACK!! I was having some serious doubts about his return in the midst of everything going on, but they literally brought him out of nowhere with a noticeable reference to the Winter Soldier post-credits scene might I add (keeping an eye on their experiments with enhanced humans). The fact that he is referred to as Agent Peterson also brought a smile to my face, and I desperately hope for him to have another scene with Skye in the future.

    Speaking of Skye, I really am glad that she’s in a place to develop her powers, though the shot at the end of “One Door Closes” gives me great expectations for her future. Still, I can’t escape a slight mistrust of the Inhumans. There’s a somewhat cult-like attitude and although they don’t really want to hurt people like HYDRA does, they keep avoiding Skye’s insistence to contact her team or even leave. Considering we’re also awaiting the weirdest family reunion ever in the next few episodes, I don’t think that feeling’s going away. She’s where she needs to be right now, but I won’t really be satisfied until she’s back with the team by the end of the season.

    I wasn’t able to talk about this in my recap, but I’m starting to get the feeling that Bobbi is starting to doubt her choice. Since one of the new SHIELD members is willing to shoot Skye and Gonzalez defends putting her down, Bobbi seems like she spent some time in 2.16 defending herself. Maybe she’ll defect soon? It’s a chance considering Bobbi, like Hunter, likes to stand for what she thinks.

    Lastly. FitzSimmons is still alive! Hallelujah! Really clever of the writers to bank on the tension between them for the last few episodes to make us believe that they really would split only to turn around and have them trick the others. Also looks like Simmons’ undercover skills will be put to the test again, and I love it when they bring back development from past episodes. Even though they’re separated again, at least we have the knowledge that they’re on the same page, and that’s the best part of the episode.

    Next week we learn about the Calvary and I can’t wait, though I can’t help but see the irony that while Skye’s learning with her birth mother, we learn a back story on the team mother Melinda May. Glad to hear anything from you though!

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