Quote of the Day

Worf: When we exchange vows, you must remember to present your d’k tahg to General Martok as a formal request for him to accept you into our House.

Jadzia Dax: But I don’t want to join his House.

Worf: What?

Jadzia Dax: I don’t want to get caught up in all those blood feuds. Every time a member of the House of Martok gets dishonoured or killed, I’ll have to drop whatever I’m doing and rush off on some quest for vengeance. It’s boring, Worf.

Worf: If you refuse, it will be a grave dishonour. General Martok will not understand.

Jadzia Dax: Worf, I’m joking.

Worf: So you will join our House?

Jadzia Dax: Of course I will.

Worf: I can see our lives together will not be easy.

Jadzia Dax: True. But they’ll be fun.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Season 6: Episode 3 – “Sons and Daughters”

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