8 thoughts on “Tonight’s Movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past

    • I did stay for the end, and even though I was aware that the Apocalypse storyline was planned for the next film, the scene didn’t really mean much to me until I got home and read about it. It was at least intriguing.


  1. Saw it last night! Will have to see again (helps me sort out details I miss). Noodling over a review now…. can’t wait for yours.


  2. Well, I noodled over a review. And found a few others that resonated with what I saw/felt about the film. I love X-Men (I had a ferret named Logan, and have a cat named Nightcrawler), though I grew up comics-impaired, I read my friends’ vintage X-Men and acquired many of the Essentials.

    While I think I’m still a bit more into the Avengers series at this point, this film is a worthy addition to the X-Men stable. Really worthy.

    And Hugh Jackman: immortal.

    And Jennifer Lawrence: better than I thought.

    And the two Sirs.

    And the Star Trek reference.

    And Quicksilver. (top that one Avengers).

    And weirded out by the fact that Mr. Tumnus, Captain Piccard, and Professor X are the same person.




    • I’m glad you liked it, and your review was great! It just wasn’t what I wanted to see. I did enjoy parts of it. Jackman, Lawrence and the two Sirs are always great, and Quicksilver was definitely entertaining.


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