Gender Inequality in Film

The Thanksgiving holiday still has my schedule screwed up, so there won’t be a Friday Favorite today (not that many people will be disappointed by that).  Instead, I present the infographic below produced by the New York Film Academy about inequality in the film industry.  While this isn’t exactly news, it’s still shocking and disheartening to see these statistics all grouped together.  While I appreciate the Bechdel Test for its ideals, we have to understand that there are plenty of films that pass the test but are derogatory towards women, while some films that feature complex and interesting women characters may not pass the test (Gravity).  But the problems that created a need for the Bechdel test go much deeper, and this infographic really shows how far we still have to go for women to be equally represented in the film industry.  What are your thoughts?

Tell me what you think!

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