Quote of the Day

Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 19A – “The Sandstorm”

Cecil: Now you listen here, Steve Carlsberg.  You’re not saying anything new, Steve.  Of course the sandstorm was created by the government.  The City Council announced that this morning.  The government makes no secret that they can control the weather and earthquakes, and monitor thoughts and activities.  That’s the stuff a big government is supposed to do!  Obviously, you have never read the Constitution.  Okay, sure, government can be very inefficient, and sometimes bloated and corrupt, but the answer is not to complain about everything that they do.  Without government, we would never have schools or roads or municipal utilities or helpful pandemics or black vans that roam our neighborhoods at night keeping us safe. So please, Steve Carlsberg, I’ve had enough of your government-bashing.

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