Quote of the Day


Rango: Me? I-I’m from the West! Out there, beyond the horizon, past the sunset. The Far West. Yeah, that’s right, hombres. The place I come from, we kill a man before breakfast just to work up an appetite. Then we salt ‘im, then we pepper ‘im, then we braise ‘im in clarified butter… And then – we eat him.

Gopher: Ya eat ‘im?


5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

      • OK, yes, there is Finding Nemo, UP, the brilliant animation of the original Snow White (even if she was a bit of a period dweeb), Baaaaaaaaaaaaambi (around here, they’re usually found between the potatoes and corn), the Incredibles, Corpse Bride…ack…to many to mention…. oh, and the Little Mermaid. I had just learned to scuba dive and one dive buddy wore King Triton on her BC (the inflatable vest) on a dive, and I was impressed by the awesome reality of the animation. When Nemo goes to “touch the butt”… the way the boat rocks and groans on its anchor line is precisely right (been there, seen that).

        Oh…and how COULD I forget Lion King??????


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