Trailer Tuesday: Last Vegas

If RED and RED 2 were supposed to be “James Bond with senior citizens”, then Last Vegas is “The Hangover with senior citizens.”  Take a look and read on for my thoughts:

Wow, the cast of this movie.  Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Robert DeNiro and Mary Steenburgen?  That’s seriously impressive.  The idea of a geriatrics’ bachelor party is mildly funny to begin with, but when you combine that with a cast of this quality, there’s certainly a lot of potential.

Morgan Freeman does most of the heavy comedy lifting in this trailer, which is probably for the best.  Almost every line of his that we see is both hilariously written and delivered.  “I have a hemorrhoid that’s almost 32.”  “I can’t drink, smoke, eat salt or stay out past 9.”  “I’ve got to go find some damn water to take all my damn pills and we’re gonna get this damn party started.”  Add that to his character sneaking out of the house like a teenager and I’m definitely intrigued.

Hangover-style movies generally have no appeal for me.  I don’t have any desire to watch people get wasted and make a fool of themselves (in real life or onscreen).  However, when you take that formula and add the layer of age humor and this particular cast it becomes much more interesting.  That’s not to say that everything in this trailer works.  The 50 Cent joke falls pretty flat, despite Kline and Freeman giving it a valiant effort.  Last Vegas has four writers, which is basically by committee, so it’s a given that some jokes will work better than others.  Add that to the fact that it’s directed by Jon Turteltaub (who has an interesting resume), and it seems like the movie lacks a cohesive vision.

But there’s still that cast.  It seems clear that they had a ball making it, and when the actors in a comedy are having fun it generally makes the movie better.  The director has been lavishing praise on Morgan Freeman’s impersonation of a drunk person.  And even if watching DeNiro knock out young guys in a bar and seeing Kline and Freeman passed out on a rotating bed really only constitutes one joke, it’s still a good joke.  I wouldn’t expect Last Vegas to be the sort of comedy that gets watched over and over again, but it looks like it might be a fun way to spend an afternoon at the movies.

What do you think?  Is this the perfect cast for this sort of movie?  Anyone you would add?  Do you like the idea of a senior citizens’ Hangover?  Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday: Last Vegas

  1. I think old people are much funnier than people my age. I am from an area very close to vegas though and I have a hard time relating to shows that glorify that city. I do love Morgan Freeman though!


    • Yeah I agree. I’m not a fan of Vegas. As for older people being funnier than younger people, I think that’s probably generally true, but older actors have a lot more experience to draw from. Thanks for the comment!


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