Trailer Tuesday: Much Ado About Nothing

Welcome to “Trailer Tuesday” where I talk about trailers for upcoming movies, since I’ve always found them to be endlessly fascinating.

When Joss Whedon announced that he had secretly filmed an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing with his acting troupe at his house as part of a stay-at-home vacation, I freaked out.  I wasn’t alone in this either.  The idea of Whedon doing Shakespeare is perfectly brilliant.  We should have all known it was bound to happen, considering the references to the Bard in his shows and films (“We few, we happy few…” “We band of buggered.”).  Take a look at the trailer and read on for my thoughts:

1) The setting and style are inspired.  The jazzy soundtrack, the black and white cinematography, and the modern setting all work perfectly for the comedy.  And while I imagine the film will not be as slick as the trailer represents (this is Joss after all), it’s still a well put together tease.

2) There is a splash of color at the beginning with the blue dress.  I wonder if this is something only done for the trailer or if it is in the film as well.

3) The casting of Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker as romantic foils is genius.  They had such great chemistry in Angel, and are able to balance comedy, sincerity, wit and romance easily.

4) Joss’s house is gorgeous.  Or at least it looks that way in jazzy black and white.

5) There’s hardly a face that I don’t recognize from Joss’s other works.  Whether it’s someone well known (Nathan Fillion) or not (Reed Diamond).  It’s like Whedon’s All-Stars on the big screen.

6) I’m a big Shakespeare fan, but I’ve always been much more drawn into his dramas than his comedies.  I feel like his dramas are more timeless, and easily adapted to any time period or setting.  I have no doubts Joss can pull this off, and I can already imagine it rekindling my own personal interest in the comedies.  I’m usually reluctant to build up high expectations, but this is my single most anticipated film of the summer.

What do you think?  Are you excited to see how Whedon and Shakespeare mix?  Which lesser known Whedon troupe member are you happiest to see (for me it’s Sean Maher)?  What’s your favorite play by Shakespeare (mine is The Tempest)?  Let me know in the comments!

Tell me what you think!

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