I had to post something, this is all I could come up with ::sniffs::

 The world feels a little darker, a little colder today. A genius, a humanitarian, a revolutionary, an inspiration and an entertainer has left us. I’m completely devastated by today’s news. It’s especially hard for me with my birthday being tomorrow. Michael Jackson was 50 years old when he died today. When I was born, he was the same age I was now, “Thriller” was the number one album that year. His music has always been a part of my life, and a source of comfort, inspiration and beauty. I hope and I pray that he is remembered for his amazing contributions to this world, and not for the eccentricities of his life. The media did their best to destroy the man, and the American public cheered them on, relishing in every oddity and humiliation, and some trying to take advantage of his fame by hurting him the worst ways possible. I endured countless ridicule for defending and supporting him, but I’ve done it my whole life and will never stop. He was a good man, and so much more. I’m sure people will roll their eyes and hold on to their prejudices and their entertaining presumptions of the man, because as much as people love a hero and a success, they get more entertainment from watching the destruction of that hero, and the media is happy to oblige.

For me, I’ve shed plenty of tears already over this tragedy, and I’m sure there are plenty more to come. It hit me the hardest when I got out to my car after work with every fiber of my being needing to hear “Will You Be There?” and finding that despite my always having Michael’s music with me (the first CD I ever bought was “Dangerous”) my CD cases were somehow lacking in what I needed most. I sobbed my way home feeling not only like a piece of me was missing, but that I had betrayed him by being unable to have that connection that I needed.

I was so excited about his concert series next summer in London, and about his upcoming album that we may never hear. But he is in a better place now, dancing with the likes of Fred Astaire and singing with Elvis and Chuck Berry. He was the greatest stage entertainer of all time, the greatest dancer in his particular style, and by far the most creative and talented choreographer, a phenomenal singer and songwriter, and a generous and loving man. His troubles in this life are over, and he is in a better place away from Earth’s judgmental eyes. I will always remember him for his contributions to music and art and love for the human race. The grief is not something one can get over, just get used to living with. I would quote his lyrics to explain how I feel, but the words fail me, and sound hollow coming from my fingertips. But for right now, the whole world is out of balance, and it’s all I can do to stay on my feet.


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