6 thoughts on “Tonight’s Movie: The Philosophers

    • It’s one of my all time favorites, but you’re definitely right that the apocalyptic story is misdirection. Also, my review/analysis of the film is the article on my blog that has been read the most.


    • Whew, that’s a complicated question. On the surface of it, it’s about a philosophy class on the last day of school doing a thought experiment in which there’s an apocalypse and a bunker that can hold 10 people and they have to decide which 10 of the 21 people in the class get a spot in the bunker. But there’s a lot going on underneath the surface of the movie, including a debate about the legitimacy of philosophy and logic, and how we make decisions, and the differences between survival and life. Check out my review of it if you like, it was my favorite film of last year. It’s known as “After the Dark” here in the U.S.

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  1. Honest question: which title do you prefer? After the Dark has more of a flair which is probably why they used it in the US, but The Philosophers is really what the film’s about. I can guess you probably prefer The Philosophers since you use it here, but I was wondering what your opinion is on the title.

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    • Definitely The Philosophers. I exchanged a few emails with the film’s writer/director John Huddles last year, and he told me that it was titled The Philosophers until the U.S. distributor forced a title change so they could market the film as a thriller.


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