Quote of the Day

Miles O’Brien: [of Keiko] She always said I… I liked you more than I liked her.

Julian Bashir: That’s ridiculous!

Miles O’Brien: Right.

Julian Bashir: Well, maybe, maybe you do, a bit more.

Miles O’Brien: What? Are you crazy? She’s my wife, I love her!

Julian Bashir: Of course you love her – she’s your wife.

Miles O’Brien: Yeah.

Julian Bashir: I’m just saying, maybe you like me a bit more, that’s all.

Miles O’Brien: I do not.

Julian Bashir: You spend more time with me.

Miles O’Brien: We work together!

Julian Bashir: We have more in common.

Miles O’Brien: Julian, you are beginning to annoy me.

Julian Bashir: Darts, racquetball, Vic’s lounge, the Alamo… Need I go on?

Miles O’Brien: I *love* my wife.

Julian Bashir: And I love Ezri – passionately.

Miles O’Brien: You do?

Julian Bashir: Yes.

Miles O’Brien: Have you told her?

Julian Bashir: Not yet. But I will.

Miles O’Brien: Oh, yeah? Huh… When?

Julian Bashir: When I’m ready. It’s just that I… like you… a bit more. See? There, I’ve admitted it.

Miles O’Brien: Yeah, well – I *love* my wife.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Season 7: Episode 23 – “Extreme Measures”

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