Quote of the Day

Xander:  Red alert! Where’s Buffy?

Giles:  Uh, she, she just stepped out. Her, her father came by early. He, he needed to talk to her. W… where are your other clothes?

Xander:  Oh, don’t I wish I had the answer to *that* question.

Willow:  Xander kinda found himself in front of our class not wearing much of anything.

Xander:  Except my underwear.

Willow:  (laughs) Yeah! It was really… (looks at Xander) …bad. It was a bad thing.

Xander:  ‘Bad thing’? I was naked. ‘Bad thing’ doesn’t cover it.

Willow:  Everyone staring? I would hate to have everyone paying attention to me like that.

Xander:  With nudity!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1: Episode 10 – “Nightmares”

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