Quote of the Day

“And now — Piertotum Locomotor!” cried Professor McGonagall.

And all along the corridor the statues and suits of armor jumped down from their plinths, and from the echoing crashes from the floors above and below, Harry knew that their fellows throughout the castle had done the same.

“Hogwarts is threatened!” shouded Professor McGonagall. “Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!”

Clattering and yelling, the horde of moving statues stampeded past Harry: some of them smaller, others larger, than life. There were animals too, and the clanking suits of armor brandished swords and spiked balls on chains.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling

Quote of the Day


Giles: And it, uh, acts on-on pure instinct. No conscience, uh, uh, predatory and, and aggressive.

Buffy: In other words, your typical male.

Xander: On behalf of my gender, hey.

Giles: Yes, let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Buffy: I didn’t jump. I took a tiny step, and there conclusions were.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2: Episode 15 – “Phases”

Quote of the Day

The lane ran straight up hill, rising higher and higher, with God knows what breakneck descent the other side. The horse slowed to a walk — the bean-fed horse, as it proved by a thunderous, long, long fart.

‘I beg your pardon,’ said the midshipman in the silence.

‘Oh, that’s all right,’ said Diana coldly. ‘I thought it was the horse.’ A sideways glance showed that this had settled Babbington’s has for the moment.

Post Captain – Patrick O’Brian

Review: Inside Out

Why do we think what we think and feel what we feel?  What determines who we are and how we respond to life’s circumstances?  How can the same memory be joyous sometimes and sad at others?  Where do ideas come from?  What happens to the things we’ve forgotten?  Why does the jingle from that chewing gum commercial always get stuck in your head?  Why are dreams so weird?  Just what, exactly, is going on in people’s heads?  These are some of the many questions Pixar’s latest film, Inside Out, sets out to explore.  The result is one of the most charming, heartfelt, and poignant films the studio has ever created, as well as one of the most creative movies of all time.  It will not only make you laugh and cry, but then it’ll make you stop and consider why you just laughed and cried.

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Quote of the Day

Piertotum — oh, for heaven’s sake, Filch, not now —”
The aged caretaker had just come hobbling into view, shouting, “Students out of bed! Students in the corridors!”
“They’re supposed to be, you blithering idiot!” shouted McGonagall. “Now go and do something constructive! Find Peeves!”
“P-Peeves?” stammered Filch as though he had never heard the name before. 
“Yes, Peeves, you fool, Peeves! Haven’t you been complaining about him for a quarter of a century? Go and fetch him, at once!”
Filch evidently thought Professor McGonagall had taken a leave of her senses, but hobbled away, hunch-shouldered, muttering under his breath. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – J.K. Rowling

Quote of the Day


Buffy:  But I would do a lot better if you and Xander and I could do that ‘sharing our misery’ thing tonight.

Willow:  Great. I’ll give Xander a call. What’s his number? Oh, yeah, 1-800-I’m-Dating-A-Skanky-Ho.

Buffy:  Meow!

Willow:  Really? Thanks. I’ve never gotten a ‘meow’ before.

Buffy:  Well-deserved.

Willow:  Darn tootin’.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 2: Episode 15 – “Phases

Quote of the Day

‘Good morning, Maturin,’ said Diana, coming down the steps. ‘I hope I have not kept you waiting. What a neat cob you have there, upon my word! You never found him in this part of the world.’

‘Good morning, Villiers. You are late. You are very late.’

‘It is the one advantage there is in being a woman. You do know I am a woman, Maturin?’

‘I am obliged to suppose it, since you affect to have no notion of time — cannot tell what o’clock it is. Though why the trifling accident of sex should induce a sentient being, let alone such an intelligent being as you, to waste half this beautiful clear morning, I cannot conceive. Come, let me help you to mount. Sex — sex . . . ‘

‘Hush, Maturin. You must not use words like that here. It was bad enough yesterday.’

‘Yesterday? Oh, yes. But I am not the first man to say that wit is the unexpected copulation of ideas. Far from it. It is commonplace.’

‘As far as my aunt is concerned you are certainly the first man who ever used such an expression in public.

Post Captain – Patrick O’Brian