Quote of the Day


(a group of rich, mean girls have been teasing Kaylee over her store-bought dress)

Murphy: Why Banning Miller. What a vision you are in your fine dress. It must have taken a dozen slaves a dozen days to get you into that getup. ‘Course your daddy tells me it takes the space of a schoolboy’s wink to get you out of it again.

(the rich girls storm off)

Murphy: (to Kaylee) Forgive my rudeness. I cannot abide useless people.

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”

Review: The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours is decidedly old-fashioned. In many ways it takes its storytelling style from the time period in which the film is set, giving us pacing, characters, and performances which feel like they belong back in the early 1950s as if the film itself could have been showing in a theatre in snowy Chatham, Massachusetts on that fateful day in February of 1952. This old-fashioned approach will probably be enough to keep most viewers away, but to me it’s the film’s greatest strength. The film tells a heroic story in an understated way, perfectly matching the modesty of the historic figures involved. That along with a solid cast who really fit with the feel of the time period, some impressive visual effects, and a steady storytelling hand combine to make The Finest Hours a far better and more engaging film than it has any right to be.

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Quote of the Day


Kaylee: I’m not saying the 80-04’s hard to repair, it just ain’t worth it.

Older Farmer: It’s a fine machine, you just keep it tuned.

Kaylee: Cai bu shi. [“No way.”] The extenders ain’t braced.

Murphy: I’ve been telling him to buy the 80-10 for years.

Kaylee: Those ‘tenders snap off, don’t matter how good the engine’s cycling.

Younger Farmer: Miss Kaylee, I wonder if I could request the honor of….

Murphy: Wait a minute. Let her talk. She’s talking. Dance later.

Kaylee: By the way, the 80-10’s the same machine, they just changed the plating and hope no one noticed.

(everyone laughs)

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”

Quote of the Day

Scotty: Mister Spock, you said a while ago that there were always alternatives.

Spock: Did l? I may have been mistaken.

McCoy: Well, at least I lived long enough to hear that.

Star Trek – Season 1: Episode 13 – “The Galileo Seven”

Favorite Show – Galavant

If you haven’t been watching Galavant, well you’re too late now. Its season, and probably series, finale aired this past Sunday, and I’m sad to see it go. A half-hour medieval musical comedy series was never going to have mass appeal, but it was just the sort of thing I was looking for, and it rapidly became one of my favorite shows on TV. The idea of legendary songwriter Alan Menken doing a musical TV show was enough to pique my interest, but I quickly discovered last season that Galavant was more than just great songs from the Disney vet. It stylistically combined Disney musicals with Monty Python (specifically Spamalot), The Princess Bride, and Mel Brooks movies to create one of the funniest shows out there, but as the presumed series finale approached I wasn’t prepared for just how emotional the show could be, without losing its humor, nor how attached I’d become to these characters. Add in the fact that Galavant was perhaps the most self-aware and self-depreciating show in history and you’ve got a recipe for something unique. If this really is the end, and I hope it isn’t, I’m at least happy that Galavant existed and even got unexpected second season, and I hope more people will discover it as the years go by.

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Quote of the Day

‘We are pretty forward, sir. She will be ready for you as soon as her decks are dry.’ There was a superstition in the Navy that damp was mortal to superior officers and that its malignant effects increased with rank; few first lieutenants turned out before the dawn washing of the decks was almost finished, and no commander or post-captain until they had been swabbed, squeegeed and flogged dry.

HMS Surprise – Patrick O’Brian

Quote of the Day

Harrow: Whom do you represent?

Mal: “Represent” isn’t exactly the…

Harrow: Don’t waste my time.

Mal: Fellow called Badger.

Harrow: I know him. And I think he’s a psychotic low-life.

Mal: And I think calling him that is an insult to the psychotic low-life community.

Firefly – Episode 4 – “Shindig”